The Old Trainer

As I approach middle age….well at least 30-something, I can’t help but notice the recent trend of older personal trainers roaming the gym.  One day I decided to ask one of these silver streakers what the fuck they were thinking?  Of course their response quickly pissed me off.  One old timer stated that he retired several years back with a pension (To those under the age of 40 reading this don’t worry, its a word you don’t need to learn) and found himself working out in the gym most of the day.  So naturally he decided that this was a perfect fit for him.  I politely smiled as I thought of some poor shmuck working on their personal trainer certificate at a community college who will have to wait that much longer for a job because this grandpa decided he wanted to do more than just sit home and collect a check.

Another old timer who was a ringer for Ronnie the angry limo driver professed he got “tired” of the corporate world after 30 years and decided to do something he loved.  Fuck this guy, who slipped in that he received a golden parachute as they booted his borderline geriatric ass out the door.  “I don’t really need the money” was next out of this guy’s mouth.  Fortunately, I’m not some hungry trainer trying to make my mark in the world anymore because I would surely speed up this guy’s hip replacement after hearing about how is doesn’t need the money while I’m trying to figure out how to withdraw my last $3.00 from my checking account.

Are these baby boomers complete shitheads?  Most likely not, but unfortunately I have only met ones who became personal trainers because they are bored.  So as far as personal trainers have come over the years, they are still looked as a second class citizen when it comes to the professional hierarchy.  While you are spending your hard earned dollars on certifications and learning all you can learn about becoming a great trainer, just know someone’s gam-gam, who is drawing a pension from her old job as a secretary, may one day yank that just from under your feet because she was looking for something to do other than watch the Price is Right.old

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