Should you get your Personal Trainer a Christmas present?

santaIf you have to ask this question, you should punch yourself in the face.  Considering you give your hair stylist, professor, mailman, landscaper, tarot card reader, veterinarian, and shithead neighbor you try to keep the peace with because they are an ex-convict a gift….the least you can do is lay out a few more shekels for your trusty personal trainer.

You know, the one person in your life who is who actually makes you a better person.  The only person who will make you get off your ass and add years of quality living to your days here on earth.  That one individual responsible for giving you that confidence to approach that guy or girl and say “Hey, do you know Karate? Because that body’s kicking!”

Who else is more deserving of a gift than the person who listens to you pour out your feelings two to three days a week?  Sure you pay good money for their time but all that talking during that session is an added bonus considering they are not trained in psychology.  Considering the median pay for a personal trainer is a 35k a year, not throwing them a gift for Christmas is pretty much a fuck you.

Now if you happen to have one of those dipshit trainers who coerces you to buy supplements you don’t want, are exactly the same weight and size when you first started training , cancels on you, or shows up late….don’t even think about getting them something.  In fact, you should be shopping around for a new trainer.  But if you like what you are getting remember that guy or girl who counts your sets and reps over the holiday.  And if you happen to get them a little something special, expect a little extra effort in the new year.

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