Tips on how NOT to approach that hot girl in the gym




"Yo check out my Facebook page!"

“Yo check out my Facebook page!”

With many ways to go about meeting that girl of your dreams in the gym, there are many more ways on how not to do it.  From wearing mismatched socks to wearing sunglasses to taking selfies with your dream girl bent over doing rows in the background, the list goes on and on.

Being a remotely hot girl trying to workout must be very annoying in a world full of guys looking to get their dicks wet everywhere they go.  I can only imagine the female plight of fighting off dudes who are constantly trying to get in their panties.  For you fellas out there taking your mother’s advice in hopes to get you out of the family basement and meeting a good girl in the gym, here are a few tips on what NOT to do.

Wearing a shirt that may be funny but immediately puts you in the ‘douche’ category

I know I’m not the only asshole who owns a Suns Out, Guns Out tank top.  Just remember gentlemen there is a a time and a place.  Chances are if you approach a girl wearing this type of shirt you will not only get the cold shoulder but will more than likely be the butt of all jokes during the next girls night out.  When making a move, keep it plain and simple and for god sakes don’t dress like a spring breaker.

Talk about yourself and how great you are

I see many dudes talk amongst a group about how much they benched last week and how changing their grip while doing rows has made a huge difference in their lives.  There are more than a handful of tools in the gym who seem to get off on this information.  I along with just about every female on the planet can’t stand these jerk offs who just feel the need to share this bullshit news.  If there is one thing I have learned in life, unless you play the guitar in a band, play a sport for living, or act in movies, no woman is going to want to give you a blow job just from talking about yourself.

Being that persistent guy on the treadmill next door who won’t take no for an answer 

This is a big fucking no-no. Once again, unless you are a rockstar, literally, don’t even try to continue a conversation if you don’t even get a “hello” when you jump on the treadmill next to that girl with those large C’s protruding out of that tank top.  Right now in some gym there is a girl feeling very uncomfortable next to a sweaty dude with not enough deodorant on talking her ear off.  If you don’t get eye contact or get nothing but one word responses, move on my friend and remember there are many other fish in the sea.

Studies say you have just as good of a chance of scoring in a gym than you do in a bar.  It seems those endorphins released from exercising are just as potent as those you get from drinking half a dozen Moscow Mules.  Just keep it simple and as long as you don’t look like Rocky Dennis, you will more than likely get yourself some gym tail!

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