Tips on how to approach that hot girl in the gym

Damn Girl!

Damn Girl!


Over the years I have seen an array of techniques used to strike up a convo with that cute girl in short shorts on the treadmill.  Some dudes rely strictly on their “guns” to do the talking, while others make the mistake of talking about themselves.  This is a very complex subject that I recommend some PhD candidate write a dissertation on some day.  I would be happy to do it but I’m busy trying to put together “Nice Abs – More Confessions of a Personal Trainer”.

There are many women in the gym.  The key is to decipher which ones are looking for that little extra.  That girl who has a natural beauty about her and doesn’t get all made up to go to the gym mostly likely isn’t looking for dick.  On that note, there is more than a fair share of ladies looking for Mister Right while getting a workout in.

Ask her about that exercise she is doing

Women love when guys don’t know what they fuck they are doing and have a chance to shine in the spotlight in the role of educator.  Even if its something as basic as a biceps curl, ask her about her technique then shut the fuck up and let her go.  Chances are she will light up as she explains the ins and outs to you, unless of course you are some hideous chode.  Women love guys who at least pretend to listen because we are all very shitty listeners in real-life.

Compliment her, but not on her looks Captain Obvious

Inquire about her calves, arms, legs, or anything other than her chest, ass, or face.  The key is to make her feel like you don’t want to just bend her over the bench and take her for a ride.  With just a little prying this will open up a conversation about her routine.  There is a trend here, and that is to let her talk.  If she isn’t much of a conversationalist, you may have to ask some follow up questions, but remember dipshit, try to listen at least a little bit.

Make fun of that Crossfit guy doing fucked up pull-ups 

At any given time in the gym, there are many people doing all kinds of crazy shit that is bound to get a laugh or two.  Unless you happen to choose the girl working out with mismatched high-socks, you might get lucky and find that perfect girl who shares the same fucked up sense of humor as yourself.  Quickly make eye contact with the girl you have targeted, then immediately lead her eyes to where someone is doing some outrageous shit.  If she is the one, you will see her chuckle and you are assured an in for further conversation.  If you can read lips and you notice her mouthing the words “You are an asshole” just remember there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Remember the gym is the one of the best places to meet a mate.  If you play your cards right you may end up with some gym bunny butt-naked on your couch in the next week or two.  Check in soon for tips on how not to approach a girl in the gym.






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