5 reasons why you should tip your personal trainer

Ah yes, the holiday season is right around the corner yet again.  Between working on ‘Nice Abs’ More Confessions of a Personal Trainer and training clients out of my new studio, I am going to give you the real on why you should shell out even more for you personal trainer.

5) Without your trainer, you would be fat

Let’s face it, without that weekly scheduled session there is a good chance you would be at TGI Fridays with your co-workers enjoying their endless appetizers.  You and I both know if you had it in you to stick with a routine you would have done it by now, you wouldn’t have to wait until the next exercise craze that comes out over the holidays just to ‘start fresh’.  Don’t be that guy or girl that says you can do it alone, you can’t.        

4)  Most trainers only get a fraction of what you actually pay for each session 

Thanks to business savvy folks who know how to make a buck off someone else’s back, many trainers bring in only a small piece of that $75 you are throwing down for that hour of training.  That’s the reason so many trainers are also models/actors/bartenders in addition to the time they don the form fitting shirts and show you how to do a push up.  Do your trainer a favor, kick in a few extra dollars so they don’t have to hustle as much.  NOTE-this does not apply to trainers who are stay at home moms who are bored and just need an excuse to get out of the house and feel like they are working.  You should be paying your whopping 3 clients instead of taking from money from them so they can listen to how hard it is to raise kids.

3)  The $$$ you save in future medical bills will more than make up for the few dollars you give each session

If you think your diabetes medication and slew of other prescription meds are going to be covered by your shitty health insurance plan, think again!  Do you remember the last time you went to a doctor?  Remember how you got treated like shit by the angry woman behind the desk and got thrown into a room for an hour or two just to wait for 2-3 precious minutes from this God-like doctor who never really makes eye contact with and seems to tell you the same shit the last doctor told you?  Get used to spending a lot more time in these places and getting the run-around if you let your health go.  

2)  Personal Trainers are much cheaper than a psychiatrist

From personal experience, I once shelled out $350 to spill my beans to some fella who looked a lot like Frodo just to have this prick tell me I have issues with my parents and that I needed to run out and buy a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad right away!  For well under half of that cost I could have gotten a great workout and someone who would have listened to my bullshit without expecting some advice that would change my life.  By the way, that was about 7 years back, I actually read that piece of shit book and just got more angry.  Thanks Dr. Asshole.   

1)  You tip pretty much everyone else in life these days

I can’t seem to go anywhere without some kind of fuckin’ tip jar out.  Used to be just your hairdresser, waiters and waitresses, and the valet.  Now everyone has their hand out.  I had some jerk off clean my gutter a few back and I scratched my head when he told me what the price was but that he would gladly accept more if I thought he did a great job.  Why not kick in an extra few bucks for the guy or gal who is going to get your ass into shape and keep it that way?  I don’t know about the rest of you but an extra sawbuck every now and then puts you in my good graces for some time.  Will you get some extra perks out of it?  Absolutely.  So open up that wallet and tip your trainer, and I’ll bet you will be happy with what comes your way.  


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