What about those big people who do way too much cardio?

People always ask, “JD, what’s the deal with those huge people who only do cardio?” That is a loaded question, because many people who are too big have no idea they are too big. They believe they are perfectly proportionate for their height.  Call me crazy, but if I look down and cannot see my no-no parts, that is my cue that something has to change.  Throw in the fact they take back to back spin classes and finish it all off with a 30 minute jaunt on the treadmill, they think they are invincible. So what if that spinning bike shudders every time they walk into the room? If  those bikes could talk, I’m sure there is a running bet of which one is going to have to hold the elephant for the next hour.  “Hey Louie, how you holding up after last night’s class?  Looked like you had a baby gorilla on your back?” “Not too good Chuck, my flywheel is about to snap, not to mention my seat is bent.”  How could this be that someone who averages a couple of hours daily doesn’t seem to lose a single pound? Here are the facts my friends:  First, they only do cardio. You will never see these people lift a weight. I get they can’t comfortably fit in most of the machines but they are more than capable of picking up a free weight every now and then. Next, their diet wreaks of McDonalds and Wendy’s. Their idea of eating healthy is a number 2 with diet soda and not super sized.  These are the same people that say “I’ve been doing really good with my diet lately”, just before devouring the Ol’ 96er.  Lastly, they are just starting off and have no idea what to do. While its a great idea to move more in order to lose weight, having a plan helps. Don’t want to hire a skinny-ass personal trainer? Find yourself a big one. I notice these days personal trainers seem to let themselves go but somehow think its okay because… they are a personal trainer.







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