JD’s Top 5 Exercises

Many people ask, “What are the best exercises?”  Very few people know the answers to this question. Fortunately for you, I’m one of the few!  If someone tells you the ass-blaster or butt-crunch device is one of the top exercises, I hope you are paying less than $20 for your worthless trainer.  In fact, if anyone ever says a machine makes the top 5, you most likely have yourself a Groupon certified trainer.  Sorry but you will hear no tales of tits and ass today my friends, as we now talk training (and of course some shit).

5) Wide Grip Pull-ups

No, I’m not talking about the narrow grip ones that work your fuckin’ biceps more than your back.  I mean those hard ones you tend to avoid, using the excuse that you injured your shoulder back in JV football and cannot partake.  Just do them, and when they get easy, tie a weight around your waist.  If you want to feel and look awesome, do yourself some wide grip pull ups.

4)  Push ups

I know the bench bros will be up in arms, but push ups are legit.  With the countless number of variations, there is no excuse you can’t do push ups anytime, anywhere.  Before writing off this exercise, just remember Navy Seals do an ungodly amount of push ups daily, and the last I checked they can kick the shit out of most guys who live and die by the bench.

3)  Stiff legged Deadlift

Many fellas who somehow find the time to work their arms three times a week will overlook their lower half.  Ass and legs are the most important parts of the body to work.  Nothing works your hip extensors and stabilizes your knees better than the stiff legged deadlift.  Will this exercise make you sore as hell the first several times you do it?  Yup. But if you are doing it right you won’t get hurt.  Actually, you might even fix that fucked up back of yours by strengthening it with deadlifts.

2)  Romanian Deadlift 

Remember this: legs are more important than your precious tricep dips.  Women are definitely smarter than men in that they train their legs more than any other part of the body. This lift is guaranteed to get your juices flowing.  In fact, I remember many a day being in the mood to bone immediately following a set of deadlifts.  Once again, if done correctly they will not hurt you, so do them-NOW!

1)  Squats

Back in the day, I learned how to squat before any other exercise.  Similar to push ups, there are many variations of squats which makes this exercise the king of the hill.  Considering you do this movement every day of your life, there are few reasons you should not be doing this exercise.  Many guys blame that knee injury they sustained while trying to emulate Tony Hawk as the reason they avoid legs altogether.  More than likely its because training legs is hard, and lets face it, life is hard enough.  But if you want to do something worthwhile in the gym, work your legs.  And by that I don’t mean leg extensions.  If you are looking for the best all around exercise, look no further than the squat.

If you are looking for proof, here it is…………


-Check back for the 5 WORST exercises


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