To glove or not to glove, that is the ?


Did I own a pair of workout gloves at one point in my life?  Of course I did.  And yes I looked like a douche wearing those fingerless gloves as I performed my sets and reps.  Fortunately, this was during my teenage years, so along with sporting a mullet I will chalk this up to just not knowing any better.  What about you fellas wearing a pair right now as you prepare to hoist that weight over your chest on the bench?  You might say there are macho men like Big Papi out there who wear gloves every night but the last I checked baseball was a sport and working out is just that, working out.  Any man who wears gloves to workout should make you question many things.  For starters, why are his hands so precious?  Is he the next big hand model like J.P. Prewitt once was?  Mostly likely not.  Does he use the excuse that his hands hurt if he doesn’t wear them?  This one just screams pussy!  I can think of just one plausible excuse for wearing this workout mitt.  That is if you somehow damaged your cock and balls by masturbating barehanded due to the heavy callus formation on your metacarpals and just need some time to figure it out.  I recommend, from personal experience, just a slight change of hand placement along with a nice pumice stone will work wonders.  But just remember one thing gentlemen, women view men who wear gloves in the gym the same as they do as guy who drive fancy cars: they are trying to compensate for something.  And speaking of ladies, if I may, please do wear gloves when tossing around the iron, because the last thing any guy wants is a sandpaper grip on his hang down.

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