Yappers in the gym…Really?

Some people apparently are desperate for attention. Thank God I am not one of them.  One should note that there are more than a few gym members whose sole purpose of joining the place is to find people who will hopefully give them some attention.  When I’m on the clock training, consider yourself locked in for the hour as the spotlight is going to be all yours.  However, when I’m trying to workout, the last thing I want to do is talk to people.  I’m not a complete dick – I will be more than happy to say, “What’s up?” but anything more than exchanging pleasantries in the gym is not my cup of tea.  In fact, what part of my non-matching gym outfit combined with the flowing locks out of the back of my baseball hat gives off the vibe, ‘this guy really looks like he want to chat’ ?  Just the other day I made the mistake of wearing a knee brace while working out, even though I knew full well it wasn’t going to do shit for me.  Little did I know that neoprene sleeve around my appendage would attract people like a spritz of Dolce & Gabbana does for the girl who is looking for some dick.  In the midst of my sets and reps, I notice some squirrely looking fellow making his way towards me.  “God no”, I thought to myself. I forgot my cell phone in the car so the fake-phone convo was out of the question.  I was stuck between a bench and a hard place with nowhere to run.  “How’s that knee treatin’ ya?”  Fucking fantastic until you wanted to talk to me, I thought in my head.  Before I could even complete a sentence to explain to Mr. Nosy the need for prophylactic bracing at this point in my life, he begins to tell me about his own trials and tribulations when it comes to the knee.  Really? I thought.  I was not in the mood to converse with this asshole. I just nodded, as if I gave a fuck and proceeded to let him ramble.  As Mr. personality gave me an unprompted biography dating back to his JV football days and surgical history, I carried on about my routine as if he wasn’t really there.  Amazingly enough, if you say one choice word over and over again you can get away with “talking” to someone without actually talking at all.  My choice word for these situations is Really?  People, such as this jerk off with the balky knee, tend to go on forever if you let them.  So after nearly 10 minutes of this incessant yapping, along with a couple dozen Really‘s thrown in every now and then, I had enough.  When I told Mr. talker I was wrapping up (thanks to his presence), he comes at me with a “Hey it was great talking to you!”  All I thought as I walked away was Really?

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