Fat at 40

I’m not quite 40, but having trained several hundred 40-something year olds, I am more than qualified to talk shit about this age bracket.  First, I should clear the air and state that not all people in their 40’s are fat.  In fact, some people in their 40’s look better than people 10 to 20 years younger.  All I’m saying is that the odds of you doing something like losing the spare tire around your waist in your 40’s is as likely to happen as your dream job magically falling into your lap.  There are many reasons why you are fucked at 40, unless of course you are already in great shape and have expendable income – then howdy-doo and enjoy life.  But, if you are in the majority, there is a good chance that the last few decades of life have taken a toll on that oddly shaped flesh suit you call your body.  How does one attain this undesirable physique?  Over the last ten years I have compiled several reasons why many people of this age have a difficult time seeing their genitalia when looking down.

You have Kids

Not only are they the biggest money suck in your life, requiring you to work your ass off to keep them off of the pole, but they will sap the little energy you have when you walk in the door after your shitty day.  Good luck trying to escape to the gym when junior wants you to read him a story.

You have been going through the motions of your job for the last 10 years and fear there is no way out

There are only a rarified few that get pensions these days, the rest of us suckers hold onto a shit job with no prospects of advancement (unless you call a one percent raise a milestone, in which case you have issues).  Since your job saps the life right out of you, there goes your energy to drive to the gym on the way home from work.

You have been eating like shit for a majority of your life

It is fuckin’ crazy when I think about the number of well-educated and well-to-do clients in their 40’s that didn’t realize eating a number #2 super-sized for lunch everyday was a bad idea.  As I have told many clients, it’s difficult to undo 20-plus years of bad habits in a few short months.

-You don’t really give a fuck about meeting Mr. or Mrs. right

It seems the most prominent cocksmith’s of the day and most attractive cougars keep up their figure no matter what the costs.  Unfortunately, many of their married and single counterparts have thrown in the towel when it comes to either finding new ass or at least making their partner desire them.

You subscribe to the halfway done theory, thus you don’t give a fuck

With most literature stating absolutely nothing goes well after your 70’s, many 40-year olds feel they have put in their time and they are done.  Bad choice my friends, as life is a cruel and winding journey that will fuck you again and again if you let it.  As one very successful client put it to me the first day we started training, “I want you to train me like I’m 25, not 45.  There isn’t anything that I can’t or won’t do.”  I was happy to oblige, and hopefully more of you 40-something year olds get the message – take a break from your tivo and get off your ass because 50 is going to be even more unforgiving.


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