So what do people keep inside those lockers at the gym?

Most gyms that cost more than $10 a month are equipped with locker rooms.  Some paranoid folk use what looks like a bike lock to discourage others from discovering what’s inside.  I cheap out and opt for the gym issued lock that probably doesn’t work or no lock at all. Right now, somewhere in the world, there are countless bottles of black market human growth hormone, syringes, porn, prescription meds that belong to someone else, and of course articles of clothing that have gone way to long without laundering behind these locked doors.  Just this past weekend I contributed to the strange contents you will find in a locker.  A friend of mine got me a nice sized baggie of maui waui which I stashed inside my gym bag.  On my way home I decided to stop by the gym.  As I strolled in the entrance, I barely noticed the sign next to the door which read Drug Free Zone.  After changing into my shorts I noticed the very potent and beautiful sight of that sack of sativa in the pocket of my gym bag.  A concerned individual would have taken the extra two and a half minutes to exit the gym and store this soon to be legal drug in their vehicle.  Not this guy.  I wasn’t looking to take more steps than necessary on this day.  I just tucked that baggie in a side pocket and closed the locker door using the questionable gym issued lock.  I then proceeded to power through my 60 minute workout, because I don’t really have the time for Crossfit.  Once I returned to the locker room, I couldn’t help but notice the lovely aroma that seemed to overpower the usual scent of pooh and body odor.  With one jerk off seeming to dry himself way too long present, I felt a little nervous about opening this locker and unleashing the full effect of this very potent strain on someone I didn’t know.  There was no time to spare as I was looking forward to getting home and enjoying what was inside that bag.  I swiftly made my move towards my locker and with one brisk shake of the leg, I expelled a silent but very potent gasser that no doubt took over that room.  As I grabbed my gym bag, I gave that awkward half smile to the half naked guy in that locker room and made my way home.  Stay tuned for other odd findings in the gym locker.

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