That guy (or girl) with bad form

We have all seen these people. Maybe you were one of them before a surgery or two convinced you to learn about the right way to exercise.  Despite the growing number of employees in the gym milling about, waiting patiently for their next high protein snack, the number of gym patrons demonstrating shitty form seems to be out of control.  How one manages to fuck up exercising on a machine that I thought was idiot-proof with diagrams of the correct movement I’ll never know.  When I see a young buck all of sixteen attempting a deadlift with a rounded back that would make a camel jealous, I chalk it up to inexperience and know that at some point a herniated disc will be his cue to figure that shit out.  Now when I see an educated late 40-something year old swinging around on the pulldown station, desperately trying to pull that bar down to the back of their neck, I get confused.  How could someone who seems to be concerned about their health be so careless when it comes to the ever important spine and joints?  I absolutely understand the overweight, balding guy who has nothing going for him but the amount of weight he is able to lift.  But that hot soccer mom who is pushing 40 but desires that 22 year old ass should know that it’s best to have a little excess to grab on the backside rather than have a serious lumbar spine injury that would prevent some choice sexual positions down the road.  Would I dare tell them that their future holds a visit to an orthopedic doctor?  Fuck no, and neither should you. Like Randall said in the classic film Clerks, “I find it’s best to stay out of other people’s affairs.”

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