It’s still winter- so you still have douchers who wear snow hats while working out in the gym

Seeing how the ever-so accurate punxsutawney phil saw his shadow, we are in the midst of another long winter.  For you unlucky ones who live in the northeast, that means your mornings are filled with snow shoveling and scraping ice off your windshield instead of sitting down and enjoying that cup of Joe.  What this furry little creature’s prediction does not mean is the green light to workout with that same hat that kept the snow from falling on your head.  I get it if you are a legit MMA fighter or boxer (not some jerk off who enjoys fighting & whose main source of income is from their highly coveted position at Steak and Shake).  Otherwise, there are very few instances where this type of fashion statement is acceptable.  Every guy wants to look cooler than he really is.  After all, you are talking to a guy that took pride in his bleached blonde tail that was almost long enough to wrap around my neck.  But just like I learned quickly that summer before beginning high school, that tail was going to do anything but get me laid.  When I see guys well into their 20’s or worse yet in their 30’s, trying to set themselves apart from other gym goer’s with their all black wool cap while knocking out a set of squats I wonder.  I wonder what the fuck the reason is behind wearing that hat while working out.  I’m not the only one who is perplexed when it comes to why they are wearing these hats indoors instead of on the slopes, turns out many ladies are.  Some quick polling revealed most chicks who see these guys in hats as tools.  The other response I got was that they must be undergoing cancer treatment in which case touché, there may a be a shot at some sympathy-sex if in fact you are bald/balding and wear one of these hats.

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