Thinking about getting your girl some personal training sessions for Valentine’s Day? Read this…..

A few years back I started training a gal named Stephanie.  She didn’t start training with the usual slackers who sign up on January 1st, in fact she was one of the first clients I had that cashed in a Valentine’s Day gift.  Now before you think I was the asshole, let me explain.  Stephanie was very self conscious and by no means overweight.  She was your typical overworked accountant who just didn’t find time for the gym anymore.  Now her husband of a couple years, for whatever reason, decided to forgo the standard chocolate and flowers and got her a trainer.  This may not appear to be a dick-ish move but when you let your wife know she is lazy and should be doing more, don’t be surprised by the end result.  Stephanie had the charisma of a battered housewife.  She was shy, soft-spoken, and didn’t really engage in any conversation.  Being the professional that I was, I didn’t dare prod into her personal life.  I just did my due diligence three times a week for the next several weeks.  Then something magical happened.  I don’t know if it was the combination of split squats and walking lunges, or maybe the deadlifts and pull-ups, but Stephanie got her groove back.  One Wednesday night session Stephanie seemed a little happier and upbeat.  She was more talkative and was aggressively flirting.  I didn’t know if it was the aqua di gio I was wearing or perhaps my new snug fit work shirt, but whatever it was Stephanie was into it.  When she asked if I could walk her out to her car after our session to give me something I immediately knew where this was going.  This certainly wasn’t my first time at the rodeo.  But it was my first time with a woman whose husband’s subtle attempt at getting his wife back into shape most certainly failed.  As I got in the passenger side of her Dodge Durango, I thought to myself as she unzipped my pants, “I will never get my girl the gift of personal training for Valentine’s Day.”

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