Almost there……

Now that the hat trick of holidays that revolve around eating is behind us, you are on the horizon of that “fresh start” you’ve been talking about for weeks.  Nothing makes me laugh harder than the overweight guy/gal who talks about how amped up they are about getting in shape this coming year as they shovel another piece of apple pie down their gullet with a christmas cookie chaser.  Right about now, millions of people are spending money they really don’t have on supplements, workout gear, and other bullshit items that will end up in the back of the closet or kitchen cabinets in a month or so.  So why does everyone do the same thing year after year after year?  Start the year off with the best of intentions, quickly realize how much fucking work it really is, and quit well before the half year mark.  I’m not gonna lie to you, it gets harder year after year but then again, what’s the alternative?  Turn into a slob like Jared the Subway guy before he lost all that fuckin’ weight?  No thanks, I’ll stay on the slender side and save room for the year end eating binge that is every November and December.  The way I see it, if you don’t gain a pound all year and ramp up your cardio in mid-august and pay extra attention to your diet, you will be on track to lose a few pounds by the time Halloween rolls around.  Once I’m down that 7-10 pounds, I’ll be able to enjoy as much food as I want during the holidays.  I don’t recommend this to everyone, but if you have just a little willpower, give this technique a shot.  Otherwise, go ahead and make another resolution you are bound to break.

See you next year,



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