Happy Fats-giving!

We are officially at the mid-point of the eating season.  With the several pounds of chocolate and sugar you ate last month, you would think you were prepared for today’s feast.  As you lay now on the couch with a half eaten slice of pumpkin pie in hand and one eye barely open, you quickly realize there was no avoiding the food coma you are currently suffering.  No matter how hard you trained for this all day eat-a-thon, you still find yourself with the food sweats and some potent turkey farts that make your Aunt Carol cringe.  Considering the average American consumes between 3000 to 5000 calories on this day, it’s a tall feat for anyone to come out of today feeling spiffy enough to go for a 5 mile run this evening.  This is yet another day that personal trainers lick their chops, as many clients and soon-to-be new year’s clients officially enter the holiday food zone.  From this day on, the excuses seem to escalate ten-fold.  Between work parties, family gatherings, and of course leftovers for a much longer period of time than any other time of the year, working out is the last thing people are thinking about.  So on this day when you are eating much more than you would normally put down over the course of a few days, my advice is to attack whatever comes your way with both hands.  Enjoy the gluttonous spirit of the day, and know this – after a healthy dump you will alway have room for more.  Don’t think about those starving kids in those god forsaken countries where you just ate a months worth of food, and forget about counting calories (unless you are a real asshole).  Just remember that Thanksgiving is just one day, and if you keep this pace up until New Year’s you might have to invest in some of those elastic waist jeans.  But if you already happen to be wearing those elastic waist jeans now, you probably should skip eating the next few days, seriously.  

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