What happens when a personal trainer tries to work out at the gym where they work….

This is the absolute fucking worst.  It’s similar to the Curb your enthusiasm episode when LD asked a doctor in the country club locker room to check out something on his arm.  The doctor’s response was the right one – ask him to make an appointment.  Personal training is one of those jobs where people ask you shit about working out no matter where you are.  Doesn’t matter what setting, whether it be dinner or a party; even holidays can be difficult.  Your own so-called friends and family are guilty of this unsavory act.  But I would say meeting new people is terrible in the way that Charles Barkley says it.  The second they discover you are a personal trainer they come at you with questions in rapid fire succession about what type of workouts they should be doing and what’s the best supplement on the market.  Why can’t the conversation ever be about whether there will ever be a remake of Flash Gordon or who in the room has breast implants?  How come nurses don’t have to answer nursing questions when they are off the clock?  And when was the last time someone who has some type of desk jockey occupation is asked questions about what it’s like to forward those fucking chain emails to everyone they know all day?  When I was a young buck starting out, I would field these questions with a smile on my face like a rookie quarterback starting his first season in the league.  Now I’m stone-faced, like Bill Belichick, answering all questions with as few words as possible and purposely trying to come across as a huge dickhead.  You should note that most personal trainers do not get paid to work out, despite popular opinion.  This means when you see your trusty trainer getting his or her sets and reps in, that is occurring on their own time.  I cannot speak for every personal trainer, but I can speak for most when I say please try to keep your questions to a minimum when you see them working out on their own.  Unless of course that trainer has no life other than the gym, in which case they don’t mind pausing every 3 to 5 minutes to shoot the shit with you.  On a final note, remember that your personal trainer is a paid friend, not always a real friend.  The sooner you learn this the better off you will be.  Now find yourself a real friend by bothering someone else at the gym.

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