Do you really need all those mirrors?

When I do dumb shit, I own up to it.  Like the time I dumped my motorcycle because I was distracted by checking out my well-developed triceps in a plate glass window on a store.  In true douche-bag nature, I wasn’t paying attention to the car stopped in front of me as I was mesmerized by how big my arms looked, thus causing me to run into the back of a mini-van and toppling over.  As sorry as that story may sound, what about the countless number of guys and girls staring at themselves in the mirror during each and every exercise?  Don’t you even think about entering that space between the determined exerciser and their precious mirror, or you may get the look of death cast your way.  Most gyms are surrounded by 4 walls completely covered in mirrors.  No matter where you turn, you are forced to take a look at yourself whether you want to or not.  I enjoy the sight of myself, but am very content with the couple times a day I catch my reflection when I’m in a bathroom.  If your gym is anything like mine, then you have more than a few people who absolutely love the sight of themselves blasting their biceps with a set of dumbbell curls.  Before you go off and yell, “Hey dickweed, I only use mirrors to make sure my form is correct!”, I just have to ask the age old question, what are those mirrors actually doing for you?  The last time I checked, a mirror can’t really help you exercise.  If you’ve exercised at least a half a dozen times over the course of your lifetime and have done any movement at least twice, then you should have the ability to feel if you are fucking up your exercises.  Without getting all scientific, you would most likely get more of a benefit from not staring at yourself in the mirror while exercising.  This will not only sharpen your other senses, but it will prevent you from looking like a self-centered, egotistical narcissistic asshole that you hopefully aren’t if you are reading this.  Aside from checking out the hot girl working out, the usage of mirrors in the gym is way out of control.  

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