Personal Training…..The greatest job ever?

After having several dead-end jobs, I won the lottery by landing a job as a personal trainer.  For a detailed description of why personal training may be the best job you can have, just flip through the pages of “I like your form” Confessions of a Personal Trainer.  In the meantime, here’s a few helpful nuggets that will wet your whistle.  I know, personal training isn’t classified as a “real” job in most people’s eyes, but I beg to differ.  First off, what job actually pays you to work out these days?  Most of the time your job entails sitting on your ass (which does in fact have a widening effect on your bottom over the years) for 8 to 10 hours a day.  Follow this with an extra hour or two sitting on your ass commuting, and you are left with an ass that will surely have some cottage cheese coverage before you turn 40.  As a personal trainer, you are guaranteed to get a work out in at least once, if not multiple times a day.  Between all the walking & demonstrating exercises you don’t really have an excuse to be fat.  While everyone working their “real” jobs are getting fatter year after year, you will seem to get better and more fit with age.  Next, people actually listen to what you have to say – regardless if you have a clue.  I’ll never forget training a medical doctor when I first started, and wondered how he bought into the bullshit I was talking about.  I would throw in cool gym terminology like “periodization,” “microcycles,” and “forced reps,” and not once would he ever question what I was talking about.  How about the freedom to work with whoever you want to work?  Try to get out of meeting with an important account in your “real” job, and you will get reamed by your boss.  No matter how much you can’t stand the douche bag that happens to give your company business, you are stuck having to laugh at the dumb shit coming out of his mouth for the sake of your job.  Don’t get along with a client as a personal trainer?  Guess what? They will be out the door once their training package expires and you will never have to deal with them again.  In fact, there is a high likelihood they will be replaced by a client that you will get along with and be more than happy to stay with you long term.  What other work environment allows talk that literally carries over from the locker room into the workplace?  Why none other than personal training in a gym where the topic of conversation can vary from midgets to sex to anything you and your client feel like discussing.  Try to pull that shit in a corporate setting and you are not only sure to be slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit but you will be looking for a new job sooner than later.  In the end, the only person you have to make happy is your client, which isn’t that difficult if you put forth just a little effort.  There aren’t many jobs out there these days where you only have to make one person happy.  In fact, how many people have you heard losing their jobs 10, 15, or even 20 years with the same company just because of some “restructuring”?  All of these perks can be yours for a small fraction of what it costs these days to get a college degree and get that “real” job.  Trust me, the rewards are endless and if you would like to hear more you should read the book.  I could on all day about this but having experienced the working life of a personal trainer and spending tens of thousands to get a “real” job, I am convinced personal training is the way to go.  Like someone once sang, if i could turn back time, I would have kept my wiener tucked away and would still be a full time personal trainer today.

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