The “Texter” Workout

I should start by saying I hate cell phones. As if it wasn’t enough that anyone could call you anytime (especially when it’s the most inconvenient time for you), now those same people “text” you some of the dumbest shit and if you don’t respond in three to five minutes you are inundated with several more that read “Are u ok???” or better yet “?????”. Recently I witnessed something that annoyed me more than the seemingly increasing amount of events that do so. While attempting to work out, some smaller fella sporting a wife-beater with flabby arms sets up camp on the bench next to me. I couldn’t help but chuckle when he was finishing up a conversation on his phone by saying “I’ll skype you later.” As I proceeded to wail on my pecs I noticed buddy next to me furiously texting with his nubby fingers. Since I was in the midst of an elaborate chest workout, I would be utilizing this bench for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. Expecting this guy to pick up a weight or something, he surprisingly bypassed the weights and proceeded to text. It was as if whoever he was texting was challenging him to “text faster!” After about twenty minutes in which he put his phone down once to pump out a set of chest presses, I moved on to my next station to complete my workout. All the while, this fella never picked up another weight unless you consider a cell phone adequate weight to lift. I guess I give him credit for not being that douche that decides to have a conversation on his phone for the whole gym to hear, but he is a douche nonetheless.

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