5 things you do NOT want to get your Personal Trainer for Christmas

Because it’s that time of year again-so just in case you were wondering what not to get your personal trainer for Christmas, here’s a reminder

JD Holmes

I fuckin’ love Christmas.  Back in my heyday of personal training I would rack up more shit than I knew what to do with.  Between all the cash and prizes my clients would give me, I would sometimes forget about the sudden uptick in blowjobs I received throughout the month of December.  I won’t even go into detail about the endless number of Christmas parties I was privileged enough to attend thanks to my clients.  I wouldn’t want to upset those of you who this year were treated to an office luncheon catered by Subway followed by a secret santa exchange with a $10 limit.  Is it even possible to get a decent gift these days for $10?  Anyhow, for those of you still searching for that perfect gift to give your personal trainer, here are some tips on shit we really don’t want.  This would be an appropriate…

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