What people are wearing in the gym these days-Volume I

I should clear the air and let everyone know I’m not the best dressed personal trainer you will run into.  In fact, I am a believer in wearing gym shorts several times a week without washing them no matter how much I sweat.  I also never owned multiple pair of shoes that matched the rest of whatever I was wearing to the gym that day.  Like most of you, I don’t give a shit what I look like when I work out.  But that said, I have been sent several photos by readers that must be discussed.  Thus, below is just one of many people in the gym who truly don’t give a fuck.  It’s one thing not to match, but these folks bring gym fashion to another level.  Take this gentleman who, in the year 2013, is still sporting tights.  Yes, you can call them whatever fancy name you want but in the end they are tights.  Unless you are a hot chick, you have no business wearing these.  Now it’s been over a decade since I last donned a pair of these nut-huggers, but I quickly learned this is something you do not wear to the gym.  Are those socks pulled up over those tights you ask?  Yes they are.  And if yellow and blue make green, then does blue and green make yellow?  I applaud his lack of color coding, because I  can’t stand a supposed straight male that matches his gym outfit from head to toe.  If only he chose shorts instead of tights, I would have nothing to say to this fitness buff.  But as determined as he is to get to the next set of tricep extensions, it should be noted he really is on another level with his lifting belt securely fastened.  You know you make the cut when you combo the tights and the lifting belt.  Thank you sir, and thank you Amy Foster for this fine pic from somewhere in Dallas Texas.  (I really like how you hid behind the dude on the pull up bar, sneaky indeed)


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