Trainer/Client Convo #1

These are great.  If you ever just take a minute to hear the back and forth banter between client and trainer you may be pleasantly surprised.  Kind of like when Anchorman is on, it’s never a let down.  The other day while attempting to blast my quads, I was next to a trainer who had her client on the pec deck machine.  “I work 4 days a week, but those are 4 very hard days”, I heard.  I couldn’t help but laugh, who the fuck works 4 days a week and complains about it?  “I’m so tired everyday and feel bad because my son wants me to play with him when I get home from work.”  Really, am I hearing this correctly?  Maybe you haven’t watched that great form of birth control which is called Teen Mom.  Did you think that shit was going to be easy?  I enjoy boning just as much as the next guy but at least I learned early on in life how to pull out.  “I’m so hungry and all I ate was cottage cheese and broccoli today”.  What?  This is crazy talk, who’s fault is that dummy?  Did you think you would not be hungry if you ate only 350 calories throughout the whole day?  This exchange went on for at least 10 minutes.  I stuck around purposely to see if this conversation was going to get any deeper, It did not as I should have known since it was similar to conversations I’ve heard when I used to go to that godforsaken place called Walmart.  But the kicker was that this wasn’t the client pouring out her soul to her trainer, this was the fucking trainer unloading her bullshit on her portly paying client!  This woman who is attempting to pay someone to get her ass into shape is sitting on a pec deck machine, which isn’t the calorie burning exercise she really needs, while her whiny trainer bitches about how hard her job is.  Even if this client was a librarian, does she really have to hear how hard working at a gym can be?  There is a take home message here.  If you are a trainer and you complain to your paying clients about things, do what I used to do best, make sure no one is around to hear you.  And if you are a client who doesn’t mind paying top dollar (unless of course you are using a groupon) to have someone complain to you while you are supposed to be getting into shape, then I don’t know what to say to you.   Stay tuned for more great trainer/client conversations right here.

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